Arcadia Truck Parts Official Website1

NDA-sealed Git repository - Ruby on Rails | Bootstrap | AngularJS 2

Front-end web store for truck engine part warehouse. Featured high-traffic internal dashboard for data entry by large amounts of employees at once.

Firecore Lab

Proxmox | VMware ESXi | RancherOS

Started in 2011 with a pile of decomissioned computers, the Firecore Project is a collection of repurposed consumer-grade computers running modern virtualization and container solutions. The project serves no commercial purpose, but provides a sandbox for me to learn about emerging technologies with my own equipment (versus my employer’s multi-million dollar datacenter). Current solutions and services include:

  • HTTP load-balancing with Nginx.
  • BIND DNS with <1 ms response time.
  • IPsec VPN between all Proxmox servers.
  • OpenVPN for roadwarrior access.
  • MariaDB(MySQL)/MongoDB database hosting.
  • Containerized Apache Spark cluster with Jupyter notebook hosting.
  • Active Directory central authentication with Federated SSO.
  • Container hosting with LXC/Docker.
  • IMAP email service based on Postfix and Dovecot.
  • On-demand game server containers (deploy time <10 seconds).
  • SAN for backups/high-availability VMs.
  • APT package caching/proxy for Ubuntu and Debian VMs/containers.

Internet-facing status panel coming soon.

JeffBot v1

ARMmaster17 / JeffBot - Sinatra Ruby | Bootstrap

Artificial intelligence chat bot based on machine learning and markov chains. Version 2 was made later that utilized ASP.NET and C#.

Princeton Ridge Homeowners Association Official Website1

PrincetonRidgeHA / HomeWeb - Ruby on Rails | Bootstrap | AngularJS 2

Website for local neighborhood, powered by Sinatra on top of Ruby.

Spooks Manor

NDA-sealed VCS repository - Unity Game Engine

2D sidescroller set in fantasy world.

WULF Official Website1

WULF-USA / Official-Website - Ruby on Rails | Bootstrap | ReactJS

Project undertaken for local political activism group. Runs on Sinatra with background processing through Resque and Opal->ReactJS frontend.

All Stuff Nerdy

Blog / Blogspot

Produced medium-length aritcles about technology topics as a freelance writer. Some articles were posted on this site.

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